Big Virtual Iftar
Faith or no faith, you’re all welcome to join us at the #bigvirtualiftar events via YouTube Live! 

Join the Muslim community in solidarity in this year’s month of #ramadan during the ongoing #COVID19 crisis with people impacted by #lockdowns#socialdistancing#selfisolation & #quarantine.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (AMA) UK in partnership with its youth branch AMYA UK is delighted to unveil a series of interactive webinar events during Ramadan.

We usually invite our non-Muslim friends from local communities to our Mosques to join us for the Big Iftar Dinner and we host them in a pleasant evening to talk about interfaith matters and to break bread with us. However, due to the current circumstances Muslims will not be able to leave their homes and go to their local Mosques for prayers. So we would like to invite you to our Big Virtual Iftar events which will consist of online live talks related to the current crisis, virtual Mosque tour, personal stories of Muslims impacted by COVID-19, question & answer sessions and to watch someone breaking a fast live.

During these talks you can learn about how fasting (as prescribed for Muslims) can strengthen your resilience and help with self-development, especially during the current ongoing situation due to the Coronavirus.


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We will be holding 5 online events (see Schedule) with below activities
Webinar Talks

Webinar Talks

See below schedule for topic titles of the talks
Video Diaries

Video Diaries

Watch British Muslims share their Ramadan video diaries during the lockdown
Virtual Mosque Tour

Virtual Mosque Tour

Watch a virtual tour of Western Europe's biggest Mosque


Ask questions about Ramadan and the topics of the talks taking place
Fasting Challenge

Fasting Challenge

Take part in this optional challenge to experience how Muslims spent each day during Ramadan (instructions will be emailed after registration)
Breaking Fast Live

Breaking Fast Live

Watch British Muslims break their fast live during the online event
Show Solidarity

Show Solidarity

Join billions of Muslims in solidarity during this lockdown period
Promoting #StayHome

Promoting #StayHome

Urging all Muslims to follow government instructions and #FastAtHome


Programme for all events
19:55 - 20:10
Live Online


20:00 - 20:20
Live Online


20:15 - 20:30
Live Online


20:30 - 20:45
Live Online


20:35 - 20:50
Live Online



Show solidarity with the Muslim community during this global crisis and take part in the Fasting Challenge on the day and break your fast with us live!
Show solidarity with the Muslim community during this global crisis and take part in the Fasting Challenge on the day of one of the Big Virtual Iftar events and break your fast with us live! Share your experience on social media with the hashtags #BigVirtualIftar and #FastAtHome. See below the general rules of the Fasting Challenge:

  • The following groups are not permitted to participate in the challenge: one who is travelling, one who is sick, a pregnant female
  • On the morning of the intended fast, a pre-Dawn breakfast must be completed (Sehr), about an hour and a quarter before sunrise. The timing for each daily Sehr can be found here
  • Do not eat or drink (including chewing gum)
  • Do not smoke or vape
  • No drug or other substance should be swallowed or injected into the system
  • Abstain from any form of intimacy with their spouses
  • If one happens to eat or drink in forgetfulness of the fast, he should continue his fast till the end
  • Do not engage in idle talk, gossip or any form of speech that is unnecessary and has no benefit
  • Do not lie to anyone
  • Do not hold any grudges, resolve any such matters and forgive people
  • Do not waste time in useless activities
  • Refrain from abusive or foul language
  • Try to avoid worldly entertainment such as music or movies
  • Refrain from anger and control your emotions, practice patience and tolerance
  • Try to donate money to a charitable cause
  • Try to keep your thoughts pure
  • Do not dress inappropriately, modesty is key
  • Try to help a person in need e.g. serving meal to a homeless person
  • Try to self-reflect and self-reform
  • Breaking of the fast occurs at sunset (Iftar). The timing for each daily Iftar can be found here


Most frequently asked question about the Big Virtual Iftar

You can send an email to info@bigvirtualiftar.co.uk for any queries.

No, this event is primarily for our non-Muslim brothers and sisters but we also welcome all Muslims to join us and #FastAtHome during Ramadan.

Learn about Ramadan and what it’s like to fast for almost 18 hours? This practice has lots of benefits that you can take away especially relevant to people being in quarantine and self-isolation due to Coronavirus crisis.

Try our Fasting Challenge and join the live event to break your fast with the Muslim community. We will send you the rules for this challenge.

Solidarity with the Muslim community, education and practical tips for people impacted by the current crisis, #FastAtHome to encourage Muslims to stay at home during Ramadan as advised by the government.

Each event will have a different programme, different topics and activities. See website for more information: www.bigvirtualiftar.co.uk.

Yes you can register for each of the 5 events of the Big Virtual Iftar.

You will receive this on the day via an email – simply click on the link and it will open up in YouTube. You can also cast this on to your Smart TV YouTube app.

Yes – you can ask on YouTube Live via the chat, email your questions during the session to qa@bigvirtualiftar.co.uk, send an SMS to 07392414832 (UK mobile), post a question on our Facebook page True Islam UK or send a Tweet to @trueislamuk and add #bigvirtualiftar.


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